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Reconditioned & used Jaguar Ccx engines for sale

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We are your Range Rover and Land Rover experts when it comes to the reconditioning/rebuilding of your vehicle’s engine. Be rest assured that you are at the right garage. We exclusively carry out engine work on Range rover and land rovers unlikely most other garages. We only have the highest level of professional vehicle technicians here that really know their stuff! As all our technicians are fully certified land rover specialist so you will not be disappointed with the work we carry out.

5 Star rated by our Customers


Very proactive company. They do what they say price may not be the cheapest quote I had however they say quality over quantity. Happy with repair carried out on my car. Will recommend.


Great and honest guys. RR Rebuilds have a fantastic team that knows there stuff! Will defo recommend.

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You are even able to pick from our different services which one you are precisely looking to be carried out to your vehicle.
  • Only genuine OEM parts used

  • Exclusively Range rover and Land Rover specialists

  • Dedicated sales and aftercare team

  • Courtesy vehicles available

  • Highest level of professional vehicle technicians

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Advantages of having your engine reconditioned

Having your original engine reconditioned or rebuilt offers various benefits compared to having a second-hand engine fitted to your vehicle, below you can find a list of the most important points to keep in mind:

  • Modern vehicle now days have a great amount of variations and specifications, keeping your original engine prevents these compatibility concerns.

  • Hassle free/no paperwork involved – Customers canretain their original engine number so there is no need to make contact with the DVLA to make administration adjustmentsto the V5C documentation.

  • There’s NO need to inform the new buyer that the original engine has been change – As this can put potentially buyers off in the future.

  • Although all our second-hand units are fully tested please keep in mind that all the engine internals have not been replaced with all new genuine OEM parts so we cannot guarantee these units as if it was our own work. We will only offer a 6 months unlimited mileage warranty compared to a 12 months unlimited mileage warranty with the fully reconditioned option. As we can guarantee these works as we have carried them out ourselves.

  • Another benefit is that as we only used genuine main dealer parts IF for any unlikely reason anything was to go wrong with a part then you are covered by ourselves plus by the main dealers promise - So you are essentially covered twice!

  • All the internals off the engine are replaced so essentially, it’s like having a brand-new engine again.

  • Buyinga second-hand unit can lead to many problems, the major disadvantage is that if in the unfortunate event that anything were to go wrong with it. Then the mechanic fitting the engine could blame the failing of the engine rather than his fitment error and the supplier of the engine may blame the fitment error of the mechanic rather than their goods leaving the customer in the middle with more expenses to pay to rectify the issue, or you can find yourself at a stale mate position causing long delays to get your vehicle back on the road. Thankfully this problem will never occurby having RR Rebuilds recondition your unit as there will be no confusion over the fitment of the engine nor the parts/engine because we have stripped and reassembly your whole engine from a bare block we warranty the whole lot!!!! The Fitment and engine!!!

  • All Second-hand units are sold on an exchange basis so please also find out if the price quoted includes a surcharge as this can sometimes make the price actually higher than just reconditioning your originally unit.

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